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A nation’s ______ is the differencein economic value between imports & exports.

Balance of Trade

The average income per person of a country?

Per capita income

A goal covering less than a 12 month period?

Short term goal

The first and most important step in the Management Process is...?


South Africa produces 90% of the world's diamond supply. What is this Competitive Advantage called?

Absolute Advantage

When a country prohibits the importing of a product from any foreign nation.


Analyzing jobs and finding a "best way" to perform them.

Scientific Management

Self-awareness, empathy and social skills are all part of ____

Emotional Intelligence

The strategy to add one or more motivating factors to job activities is called ___

Job Enrichment

Manager Type including supervisors, office managers and group leaders.

First-line Managers

Managers who believe workers must be punished or rewarded to be made productive, believe in the _____ of motivation.

Theory X Model

Company identifies conditions that might force it to change its Strategic Plan. They are engaged in ______ planning.

Contingency Planning

Employee Recruitment and Selection are two main phases of _____?


An employee's set of expectations concerning what they will contribute to an organization and what they will get in return.

Psychological Contract

People that love to come to work every day experience a high level of...

Job Satisfaction

Tendency for worker productivity to increase when they feel they are receiving special attention from management.

The Hawthorne Effect

Learning to operate a cash register ... by having a co-worker show you how to use it.

On-the-Job Training

Process by which the world economy is becoming a single interdependent system.


Canadians decide when to do more cross-border shopping based on this rate...

The Exchange Rate

All the tropical fruit we enjoyed this winter is a result of this...


These skill types are needed to perform specialized tasks like operating a welding machine, or using excel spreadsheets

Technical Skills

Using an employment agency, Internet, or a newspaper ad to recruit a staff position is called...

External Recruiting

Astronauts and pilots use simulators to train with. They are engaged in what kind of training?

Vestibule Training

Gathering information from a manager's subordinates, peers and superiors when assessing that manager's performance is called...

360-Degree Feedback

This type of Manager used to be called a "Personnel Manager"

Human Resources Manager

Theory of categorizing peoples' different types of needs. Once one level of needs is satisfied, it ceases to motivate behaviour.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs Theory

Organization's shared experiences, stories, beliefs, standard are known as its:

Corporate Culture

Job Description and Job Specification make up two parts of this...

A Job Analysis

Giving an individual or company in a foreign country exclusive rights to manufacture, market and sell your products.

A Licensing Arrangement

When Manager makes a decision and remains committed to it... in spite of evidence that it was a bad decision.

Escalation of Commitment