Essay on Slavery as an Economic System

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Slavery as an Economic System
Slavery isn’t usually thought of as being an economical system, but it truly was an economical system and a crucial part to the Southern way of life. Without slavery the South would have lagged behind the North both economically and population wise, and would have had no way to make personal revenue and profits. Slavery and the slave trade gave the South the opportunity to grow and flourish, while also helping the North to grow and flourish. The South relied on slaves to work in fields, houses, plantations, and many other places. Without slaves, the Southern economy would have collapsed or dropped drastically. If slaves would have been hired and paid for the work that they did, they could have helped the
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The greed for money was a major cause that pulled families apart. The South came to rely and depend on slavery to help pull them through financially and to meet the supply and demand of the North. With the North expanding in the factory industry, there was a higher demand for more supplies. Most of these supplies had to be provided by the South. The South couldn’t keep up with the growing demand of supplies for the North, so slavery became the “new and improved” way to raise money, gain profit, and to meet the demand of supplies from the North. A slave owner could invest in a couple slaves, and keep them for years. By the time these slaves have died or are resold, the slave owners have already made quite a profit off of them and then go and buy better and more qualified slaves and start the whole process all over again. The more slaves a person owned, the wealthier they were and the more power they had. Having more slaves meant that a slave owner was wealthy or on their way to being wealthy. This was because they had more work getting done by more unpaid slaves, so all of the profits that were made belong to them. If slaves would have made money, it would have lowered the profit that was brought in by the masters, but it would have also helped the economy to grow and expand. Slaves could have helped by circulating the money that they earned in the economy, because they would have needed to buy their own clothes

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