Puppy Love: Things You Should Consider Before Bringing an Animal to Your Home

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When thinking about purchasing a puppy, it is something that you should definitely take some time to consider. Bringing in a new animal is a very huge commitment. You are choosing to care and give love unconditionally to that animal. Although you get to go out on your own and see the world, the animals don’t get that option, so you are their world. Getting a puppy is beneficial but also costly and difficult at times. Before purchasing an animal you should really evaluate yourself to know if you are capable of maintaining one. Getting a puppy can be very beneficial, not only for you, but for the pup itself. They say a man’s best friend is a dog, and I can’t agree more. If trained right, they can be super loveable, cuddly, and energetic. …show more content…
The males were $650 and the females were $800. I had talked to the owners about the puppies and their parents. I found out that the mother was a rescued Great Dane, and the father is an A.K.C. Champion. I talked to the owners and persuaded them to let me have a female for $500. I took her home that night and showed her what her new home was like. She had stayed three nights at her new home before having her first problem. It was day four, like any other day, I try to do a routine in the morning. At around nine, I give her food and after she is done eating, I let her out to go to the bathroom. Everything was fine until I had gone to work and Sebastian, my brother, was watching her. I got a phone call at work from him saying that he was on his way to the vet, because she had been acting like she was drunk. Sebastian said “She was stumbling around falling into her water dish and crying constantly”. I had waited three hours at work before I heard that she got into antifreeze and was headed to the emergency clinic in Boise. She ended up being fine but we ended up with a vet bill of $1500. It literally took one second for this $500 puppy to turn into a $2,000 pup. Having a puppy around is like taking care of another child. It is very heartbreaking that some people try and get animals but can’t afford to take care of them.
Getting a new puppy can definitely be a challenge. In my situation, with a

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