Ethics Reflection Essay

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An example of a previous work experience where I had to exhibit fairness was while coaching a senior high girl’s soccer team for The Study School in Montreal, Quebec. I was put into a position where the most talented and high scoring player on the team missed a practice before a playoff game. Team rules were agreed upon and a commitment contract was signed by every player at the beginning of the season. One of these commitment rules was that all players were expected to attend all practices unless a valid excused absence and signed note was presented otherwise the player would be benched for the next game. Excused absences were considered medical appointments or academic meetings. These team rules were in place to ensure
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In all aspects of my work, I not only display independence but also show that I can work efficiently and effectively without supervision. An example of my capabilities of working independently was when I was in charge of hosting and coordinating an eight team junior high hockey tournament when I was working at Lower Canada College in Montreal, Quebec. Six of the participating teams were visiting teams from across Canada. The situation presented itself because the athletic director was away at another tournament that weekend and as I was the administrative assistant in the athletic department, coordination of the tournament was left to me. The responsibilities included troubleshooting issues, arranging schedules, dealing with referees and parents, solving penalties and suspensions that were handed out to coaches and players during games, as well as ensuring that all teams were accommodated and at games on time. One of the situations that I had to deal with involved a team travelling from Bishops who ran into a weather delay on their way to the tournament. Unfortunately, the weather delay slowed their travels and they were not going to be able to arrive at the arena in time for the first game. Their expected time of arrival including allotting enough time for the players to change would have put the tournament

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