Employee Engagement Essay

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The employee engagement has become a hot topic of discussion in the corporate world. There is no single accepted definition of engagement or recognised approach for measuring or raising it. HRM Practitioners have involved in quite a lot of study to understand employee engagement and its impact on the performance of the organisation. According to them, employee engagement is a level of commitment and involvement of employees towards their organisation and its value. An engaged employee works with his/her colleagues to improve their productivity within their job, for the ultimate benefit of the organisation.

This paper critically reviews MacLeod Report (2009), ‘Engaging for Success’ and analysis it’s suitability as an
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It creates a genuine sense of collaboration, ownership and trust between the employer and the employee. An engaged employee is aware of the business context and works with his/her colleagues to improve their productivity within their role, for the ultimate benefit of the organisation

Importance of Employee Engagement

Most of the business managers agree that highly engaged employees create a greater impact on customer satisfaction. Past research on employee engagement, demonstrated that engaged employees increased profitability while disengaged employees, actually reduced profit margins.

Benefits of employee engagement, includes High rate of employee retention Improved employee loyalty Enhanced business growth Creates highly motivated workforce Improve customer satisfaction Induces employee trust

Categories of Employee Engagement

Gallup (2008) has classified three different types of people in the organisation.
Engaged Employees- who work with passion and connect with the organisational values.
Disengaged Employees- who put their time, with lack of passion in their work and are misaligned with the organisational values.
Actively Disengaged Employees- who aren’t just unhappy, but also are spreading their unhappiness to other employees.

The research studies done by Gallup Organisation (2008), proved that engaged employees are more productive, more customer focussed and do not attempt to leave the

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