Abortions Should Be Allowed Essay

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It’s not everyday one sits down to deeply contemplate one’s feelings behind abortion rights. True, perhaps maybe if one were to deal with an unexpected pregnancy or be assigned a strenuous research paper for an enlightening college class, one might be somewhat educated about the matter. However, abortion rights is considered such a hush-hush topic that many do not even have an opinion about it much less strongly advocate one side of it. Who wants to discuss the fiery issue of abortion over lunch anyway? A sensitive and uncomfortable topic, abortion rights provoke unease similar to the ones subjects such as religion and money do. What many do not realize is that as a woman, it is crucial to have a somewhat vague idea about abortion rights …show more content…
A fetus or an embryo for those who do not understand or like biology is an unborn or unhatched vertebra in the later stages of development and is located in a woman’s uterus. There are two ways a woman can basically go about having an abortion: induced abortion, which is performed by taking an abortion pill, better known as mifpristone, or vacuum aspiration, an in-clinic procedure in which the embryo is removed by a pimp. Many pro-life supports claim that the fetus feels pain during both processes and that it is inhumane to allow anyone to suffer through such pain. Much of the heated debate over abortion also arises over the issue of rights and whether a woman’s right to decide to have the child overpowers the growing fetus’s right to a life. The pro-life supporters contend that it is the woman’s private decision to control her reproduction and that others, especially the government should not intrude in a matter so personal. The National Abortion Right Act League argues that without legal abortion women would be denied their constitutional right of privacy and liberty. In rebuttal, the pro-life advocates irately say that the embryo is alive from the moment of conception and that this imposes a moral obligation onto the mother to preserve it. Pro-life advocates go as far as to declare that God is the only one who has the power to end a person’s life and that if a woman chooses to bypass her duty to nurture the embryo, she is committing

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