Abortion: Choose a Side Essay

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“My body, my choice” is the primary slogan of the abortion debate. However, the debate contains two very real ideas that evoke strong feelings on both sides. On one hand, there are pro-choice activists that fight for the rights of the pregnant women. On the other hand, pro-life activists argue for the rights of the unborn child. Over the years, abortion has become one of the top subjects of controversy and has evolved into a moral, social, and medical dilemma amongst our society. No matter which side one chooses to take, abortion is a decision that should not be taken lightly.
The state of Texas was at the center of the abortion debate in 2013. This state had a debate regarding SB1, which is known as the fetal pain bill. Thousands of
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Abortion spits in the face of the commonly accepted idea of human life. The civilized society in which we live and the cultures in which we abide by do not permit one human being to intentionally harm or take the life of another human being without punishment; abortion should be no different.
Adoption is a viable alternative to abortion and basically achieves the same result. There are 1.5 million American families who want to adopt a child (BIRTHCHOICE). There is no such thing as an unwanted child in today’s society. A pregnant woman can find resources to help her through an adoption. She can look in the phone book for local agencies, do a quick internet search, or even find ads in newspapers. As an alternative, if a woman gives birth and decides she does not want to keep the infant, she can take the child to any hospital, fire station, police station, or church. After making that choice, the baby will then be taken to the proper authorities and be placed in a foster home and be put on the path to adoption. Not only are there alternatives to abortion that an individual can choose from, there are also serious medical ramifications that could sway the pregnant woman away from the abortion track.
Abortion can result in medical complications that may arise from the time of the procedure or even in the future. (MEDICAL PROBLEM RESULTING FROM ABORTION!)
Many individuals believe that if a woman becomes pregnant due

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