A Modest Proposal for Marijuana Essay

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Each year the United States government documents drug related deaths in our country, breaking the deaths down into categories of cause. These categories include tobacco, alcohol, prescription medications, illegal drug, and of course marijuana related deaths. Every year the number of deaths coming from marijuana is equivalent to zero. So why is there even controversy over the issue of legalization? Obviously, there are still some people out there who believe the drug is a topic for concern in our nation. In recent years, there has been tremendous progress being made in the field of medicine. University hospitals around the country have been proving again and again that the drug poses no threat to human health and well being, even …show more content…
A country that legalized two drugs that cause medical illnesses, and won't legalize a drug which has been proven to be harmless seems pretty illogical. The irony in this tells us something about our federal government. It has a real problem with distinguishing between harmful drugs that are causing death, and drugs that should be legalized due to their potential in medicine. Although marijuana is a drug that has been proven to have beneficial uses in medicine, a course of action promoting the habitual use of the drug may not be the best option; instead, our government should be pushing for decriminalization of the drug considering it has proven to cause no negative effects on the body.
A logical decision for the federal government would be to allow for nationwide legalization of marijuana. For many individuals in the United States, the idea of legalizing marijuana seems like a logical decisions considering the introduction of marijuana in our society would allow for medicinal purposes and no more restrictions on further research of the drug. As crazy as it might seem, maybe by replacing cigarettes with marijuana joints and blunts, the world would be a happier and healthier place. Surprisingly enough our government would rather the sale of tobacco continue instead of marijuana, even with the knowledge that cigarettes kill hundreds of thousands of people each year.

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