A Marketing Campaign Proposal for Victoria Beckham in Brazilian Market

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BA (Hons) Fashion Management Unit: The Future of Fashion: A Business Perspective

A Marketing Campaign Proposal For Victoria Beckham in Brazilian Market
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Table of Contents
1.o Executive Summary! 2.0 Aim and Objectives! 3.0 The Global Luxury Market!
3.1 Market Recovery and Growth! 3.2 Importance of Tourists Spending! 3.3 Engagement in Social Medias!

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4.0 The Brazilian Market!
4.1 The Market Environment! 4.2 The Consumers! 4.3 The Importance of social networks! 4.4 PESTLE Analysis!

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5.0 The Brand-Victoria Beckham!
5.1 Brand Identity! 5.2 Marketing Mix! 5.3 SWOT!

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6.0 An
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4.0 The Brazilian Market

4.1 The Market Environment Since Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, with a population of 190 million, it is the most attractive retailing market for international retailers. It is expected to be one of the largest consumer markets by the year 2020 (Passport, 2012). As one of the `BRIC countries’, its enormous development in household income, consumer confidence and life style has changed the spending culture. It’s GDP had a 2.72% increase from 2010 to 2011 (Passport, 2012). According to AT Kearney’s Global Retail expansion report, Brazil is in the leading position of the Global Retail Development Index with 100% attractiveness (AT Kearney, 2012). (See Appendix 2, 3)

4.2 The Consumers At this moment, consumers are becoming knowledgeable on international well-known brands and seeking high quality products. The luxury market in Brazil will witness a growth of 20% a year, which represents US$2.3bn. (Castano, 2012). Several high-end luxury brands, such as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Diane von Furstenberg, Jimmy Choo and Marc Jacobs have opened their mono-brand boutiques with direct control in São Paulo during the last three years (Verdict, 2011). Besides making purchases, female customers enjoy hanging out trying clothes on and doing window-shopping as a leisure activity in their daily lives. Shopping malls are under development in the urban centers and it is

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