Essay A Leap of Faith

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Tiffany Evans
9 March 2011
“A Leap of Faith” Everyone in the world has faith in something or someone whether it’s God, themselves, or material objects. Do they even know what faith is? According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, the definition is, in a nut shell, “unquestioning belief and complete trust.” With that said it broadens the idea of faith. I believe faith is an absolute belief in someone or something. Now let us explore what the basic concept of what faith is not. Faith is not mistrust or doubt. So although you may believe someone is telling the truth, the fact of the matter is that you really do not have faith in them if you have the slightest doubt in the back of your head that they are lying.
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Even though Christians have not seen their Messiah they have an unquestionable confidence that he will return one day and the only way they will get to be with him is basically just having faith. My mother is a devoted Christian. When I look at her I can tell she has an absolute belief in God, the bible and everything that it says. Right now she is dealing with losing a job and trying to support five kids on unemployment and the income of her husband who works at Doe Run. She gives at least thirty dollars in tithes and goes to church every Sunday, Sunday night, and Wednesday night because she has the faith that God is going to help her through her rough patches. It has almost been a year since she was fired from her teaching job and so far she has not had any money troubles and has been staying ahead of everything. Every time she has good news or anything positive happen in her life the first thing she will do is get down on her knees and thank God for what he has given her. I remember the latest is that she found a job opening online for a job that she has all the qualifications for and more to spare and the first thing she told me to do is pray for her. My mother believes without a shadow of a doubt that God will provide her with a job that she deserves and will provide it at the right time. That is what faith is. Going out on a limb and faith are basically the same concept. They both need commitment, trust, and belief. To take that next step to go out on a limb or

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