Your Choice, Your Life: Defining Personal Responsibility and College Education

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Even though Life is unpredictable we should define personal responsibility is an obligation each of us has to our life’s choices and decisions because we are responsible for financial matters and accountable to our families, and to ourselves. Our lives can be been a series of events that we sometimes have control of and sometimes do not. At times we have to accept situations out of our control, but in many instances, we need to make choices and decisions that have a positive effect on others and so that we are able to move forward and grow (Boe, 2006). Life has its hardships and disappointments, but, if we persevere, we will grow in spirit and overcome what life throws at us personally and professionally (Boe, 2006). …show more content…
We are also accountable to our family. We have an obligation to keep our families safe by providing shelter, food, clothing, and medical care. We must also have a strong work ethic, in order to contribute to our families and communities. We must also work to build long lasting relationships. Because of the decisions and choices I accomplish these goals in good economic times and bad. Personal Responsibility not only defines commitments we make to others, personal responsibility also includes promises we make to ourselves. Maintaining our health and fitness, demonstrating compassion for others, fostering our spiritual being and honing our intellectual insight, are all important to maintain a balanced life. Setting goals for each of these facets is an example of a well-rounded person and are the basis of most people’s internal commitments. Too often, however, developing our mind and intellect is a forgotten aspect of the personal responsibility we have to ourselves. Our current age of technology and instant gratification to often makes it difficult to develop the discipline and longer term commitment to focus on increasing our intellectual awareness. Turning these technological distractions to our advantage, obtaining an online college education is a great way to fulfill the commitment to sharpen your cognitive abilities. According to Richard L. Weaver of Bowling Green State University, “A College education prepares you for

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