“Wyndham” Case Study Essays

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In order to deal with ways to sustain Wyndham’s competitive advantage built by the ByRequest initiative, we first need to get acquainted with its business values; Wyndham’s ByRequest program created a comfortable and memorable upscale guest experience and shaped recognition in the industry from a customer service standpoint. Being still a relatively new program, the company was limiting its focus on analysis and thus conducted limited historical study and no collection of a typical demographic data like age, income etc. But while its impact on revenues was still small, it was a success in defining Wyndham’s brand. In order to keep and even extend this current competitive advantage over time, the company needs to leverage its growing …show more content…
Many of the enhancements should be Web based, taking advantage of the existed centralized IT infrastructure. Investment in reusable infrastructure will lower costs, decrease risks and improve asset efficiency. While planning on using web capabilities for building Wyndham’s lifecycle management, Web collaboration can be expanded to manage new hotel projects as well (using Autodesk tools for example). The entire design processes for Wyndam’s new hotel could be done through the Web; architects, contractors, property managers, and accountants can use the Web to exchange critical information in a number of different formats (Microsoft Excel, Access, Word etc.). This Web collaboration would save costs of shipping documents, would reduce spending on travels to project sites and improve quality of data. The Web has a simple user interface and there is no need to teach the employees a whole new system. I expect that it will help manage the inventory more effectively, help members understand better the breadth of Wyndham’s property and thus, sustain Wyndham’s brand value. It will also be beneficial to form a strategic alliance with a premier provider of online distribution of properties. This kind of agreement will increase the online presence of property inventory via new channels, including online travel agents such as Travelocity, Orbitz and Expedia and would help in attracting customers. Some additional

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