Why Is Journalism Important? Essay

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Why is journalism important? With the reference to the literature, critically assess the role of journalism in a democratic society.

The responsibility of the awkward question has to be asked by someone and the journalist is the one who craves this duty. They are the ones who grab the challenge with both hands and seek for the truth. This is the essence of journalism and why it matters so much to free society. It's offerings of informative answers in plain English make it accessible to all. In a democracy where politicians believe their own spin and freely offer their viewpoint on current issues it is crucial for journalists to actively seek information and knock on closed doors to reveal what is really happening. However, this applies
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In 2001 the largest collapse of a corporate business in American history saw the energy company Enron file for bankruptcy, all because: "the firm unravelled after it was alleged that the concealment of huge debts had given investors a completely false image of the company." (Tran. M & Khaw. S. 2006.) This is a good example of how checks on the powerful must be carried out. It also shows how capable journalism is at bring down the mighty after searching for answers. If this discovery had not been not uncovered then even more damage could have been done financially and even more jobs may have been lost.
Those without a political or public voice are also dependent on journalism to encourage action on their plight and suffering. Minorities are especially reliant on the message of mass media. The current issue of gang culture in urban black communities where guns and knives are used to settle disputes, which has resulted in many young deaths, is a good example. It has been brought into the mainstream in an attempt to raise awareness and try to prevent future incidents as journalism is seen as a powerful tool of persuasion and discussion.
David Randell also says that reporters should: "comfort the afflicted". This means journalism should favour the side of the less fortunate and those with the emotional story where there has been suffering.
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