Why Is Fahrenheit 451 Banned? Essay

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Fahrenheit 451 is a banned book about a society where books are banned
(Breazeale, Liz. "Why Is Fahrenheit 451 Banned?.") that has been criticized by society many times due to its violence, profanity, and especially offending many christians. Despite the book being about society rejecting literature to the point of banishment, some areas still challenged to remove the book from schools to give sensitive readers some form of reassurance that they and others will not encounter this book as well. In which, these acts defeat the entire purpose and existence of the book itself about warning the future generations of the possible dystopian society that they are heading towards.
Ray Bradbury could not afford to attend college and decided to stay at the library instead.
Bradbury spending so much time at the library can be described as that he “lived” at the library
(Biography.com Editors) . Due to having been in a library for such a long amount of time,
Bradbury had become sensitive to book censorship. Jonathan R. Eller states that "...[Bradbury] was greatly affected by...burning of the ancient library at Alexandria..." (168) where Bradbury thought that "...to burn the book is to burn the author, and to burn the author is to deny our own humanity." (168). Not only did his mindset establish the beginnings of
Fahrenheit 451
, but technology also influenced Bradbury to make his famous book.

Garza 2
With new technological advancements, Bradbury feared that things such…

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