Why I Am An 8 Days Clinical Dietitian Placement Essay

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In the past two week, I was on the surgery ward having an 8 days clinical dietitian placement in the Frankston hospital, learning how to communicate with various groups of patients. For the early stages of my placement, I mainly learned to read the medical record and observed my supervisor to do the nutrient assessment and gave my feedback or comments to my supervisor. The critical incident occurred in the second week of my placement, which I went to do a short interview with the patient on my own. This was my first time and I needed to do the full assessment and the dietary history in this interview.

However, I became so nervous when I got into the ward. After I started to introduce myself, I did not know where I was going to do. I felt myself visibly shaking and struggled to speak to the patient. At that time, the patient was very nice and he quite understood that I was a student. He made me keep calm and feel comfortable to carry on the interview. I finished my first interview in hospital with this embarrassing experience at the end.

I remembered that feelings was slightly helpless and nervous at the time when the beginning of the interview. I even considered leaving the ward immediately and I was also embarrassed that I did not know how to lead the interview from the beginning and what I needed to ask for the patient.

However, I still satisfied that finished my first interview, although I missed some information and did the assessment without a good…

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