Why Does a Consumer Buy an Ice Cream? Essay

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In the first place we have to see in general why people buy ice creams, and what value it has to them this type of product and then we have to analyze the different types of markets because the reasons will change accordingly with the type of (children or adults, for example) and product (premium or not, for example). So basically the answer to this question is that the reason why consumers buy an ice cream depend of some variable factors that I will try to explain here. Consumers just buy a product because of the value it has to them, because it satisfy a need they had and possibly they didn´t know. In the case of Ice creams, in general people buy the normal type of ice cream because of the flavor, the ice cream is competing with other …show more content…
So the Ice cream worth’s for itself and that it’s very important to obtain the positioning that the company wanted. Then we have the price that in this case had to be really high to sell the image of quality and luxury to people, the price of the ice cream have to follow it quality and people have to feel that they were paying a premium for the ice cream and that definitely this was not some other ice cream in the market, the price was really important to pass the idea that this was not ordinary ice cream for children but a rare luxury to adults. The third factor is place, and in this Haagen-Dazs was very innovating because it selected carefully the places where the product was distributed in order to have the awareness pretended and to associate the brand to a very good style of live, Haagen-Dazs distribute the product to the best restaurants in the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, it create the shops to have impact in important areas of that cities and it have great results in the way it did that. Then we have the promotion, and in this topic Haagen-Dazs was really different from the competition and gain to things with it: gain awareness from

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