White Like Me Aqs Essay

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White Like Me

Page 1: The meaning of the first chapters title “Born to Belonging” is that quite literally whites won’t be questioned about whether they deserve to be here, living in this condition. They won’t be questioned about how they got such wealth and it is easy for them to get this wealth. For example, his grandfather Jacob with his good work ethics was able to come upon success. His success sees normal. However, there are many people of color who have good or better work ethics than Jacob and still they are not recognized or reach success because they aren’t “Born to Belonging”. Also it is easier for those of the white complexion to eventually become part of the white society and eventually belong.

Page 1: What James Baldwin
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Then most school activities are based around white culture, ostracizing the colored community. Also the curriculum in school is very Eurocentric. The history being mostly from the European point of view. This ingrain of white privilege in schools factor into the attitudes of the teachers. They punish African American children harder than the white children even if the crime of the white kid is harsher than that of the African american kid.
b) I think this is very true. I mean if you look these days all the advanced classes are filled with Asians and Whites. Even our magnet program which is supposed to have more “minorities” than whites is obviously overpopulated by whites. And in the past when I got into fights with black kids I was the one who was always let off easily. Sure I might not be white but it shows that there is still a sense of privilege. Because whites see Asians as higher than blacks and not being ethnocentric but it is true. Although whites don’t really have the backs of asian they put us in a position where we are seen as higher than blacks. Even in school today I can ditch my classes and walk around without a pass and not be questioned while the Hispanic kid right next to me will gain negative attention by the administrators.

Page 18:
a) it isn’t a question…
b) Well it kind of seems true.

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