Essay on What I Work At Fice For A Small Family Owned Company

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I work in the office for a small family owned company, TAPCO. TAPCO makes security screen and doors which are shipped throughout the United States. I have only been with this company for a short six months and I have learned a tremendous amount from this company. Commitment, motivation, diversity, and communication are important within any company or business. However, there are times when conflicts arise and things have to be settled properly.
In chapter 4, we discussed the three different types of organizational commitment: affective commitment, normative commitment, and continuance commitment. Affective commitment is the positive commitment of the three. Affective commitment means that an employee is committed to the job and likes being there. Normative commitment is defined as the employee being obligated to do something. Continuance commitment is the continuance of doing the job only because there is no other choice. In class, we said that a good way to remember continuance commitment is “I owe, I owe, it is off to work I go”. Working in the office at TAPCO, my employer wants me to have affective commitment. I am committed to my job and have a high level of job satisfaction. The factory cannot produce anything without the paperwork I provide to them. I have to be precise with the numbers I use in the production sheets and cut sheets provided from the customer’s order sheet. The paperwork passed through to the factory is looked at and begin cutting the material. I…

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