What Are Some Of The Warning Signs Of Abuse? Essays

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What are some of the warning signs of abuse? The signs of abuse can sometimes be as obvious as recurring bruises on a child 's body or as obscure as emotional trauma commonly mistaken for shy behaviors. Understanding the signs of abuse can help save lives, as stated on the Childhelp.org. “close to five children die everyday in the united state as a result of abuse.” This horrific statistic can be avoided with merely getting the help the child deserves, however most of the time the child being abused is too scared or may not know how to ask for help. This is why looking out for the signs are important. Continuing on with the Childhelp.org website as the resource, there are four main types of abuse: Physical, Emotional, Sexual, and Child neglect The first, physical, has normally very obvious signs, being that a child will have bruises or perhaps cuts that seem to happen often or may be in locations where harm would be hard to come by, such as on the top of the head or face. However, the signs can also come in emotional outburst, shyness, or even in anger as the child tries to cope with the problems they face. Aside from just the signs in the child, there are the signs in the adult or caretaker, which could be refusal or shaky stories to explain away the child’s injuries or perhaps a very defensive outburst when questioned about the child. The signs for Emotional abuse follow suit with the previous, however there is a lack of physical damage to the body on the outside.…

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