Virgin Suicides Essay example

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Each year suicide is becoming more common in the United States among adolescents, according to the Suicide and Mental Health Association International. The main reason why adolescents commit suicide is because they are depressed. In the article "Nightmare in the Mirror" by Scott Long, he explains that adolescence has changed throughout the years. An assertion he makes is that teens have "Angst and bouts of suicidal despair distinguish this gloomy figure…" (Long 156). Long explains that throughout the years, adolescents have become sadder and depressed. Adolescents, who suffer from depression and are suicidal, don't usually inform others. Those adolescents fall into the third quadrant of the Johari Window.
The Johari Window is a useful
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The Lisbon sisters all made a pact to commit suicide together. An argument that can be made is that the Lisbon girls did not commit suicide because they were depressed, but that they wanted to get back at their parents. The Lisbon did not commit suicide because they wanted to get back at their parents. According to D'Arcy Lyness, PhD, suicide takes more than just wanting revenge to commit suicide. It says suicide is caused by long standing problems that is triggered by a specific event. It gives the example that in one case a student who committed suicide because he was denied a car from his parents. The student did not commit suicide because he wanted revenge on his parents for not buying him a car. He had months of emotions pent up. Having been denied the car triggered him to commit suicide, not because he wanted revenge. In other words, the Lisbon girls did not commit suicide to get revenge from their parents. The girls had so many emotions built up from events such as the suicide of their youngest sister Cecilia and they couldn't take it anymore. The overprotection of their parents was a trigger that caused them all to become depressed which eventually led to their suicide. The Lisbon girls committed suicide because they all suffered from depression. This depression that all of the girls had was caused by their parents. Their parents were too overprotective by taking the girls out of school and imprisoning them

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