Use of Prosody in the Selected Poems of Gwendolyn Brooks and Langston Hughes

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Poetry has a role in society, not only to serve as part of the aesthetics or of the arts. It also gives us a view of what the society is in the context of when it was written and what the author is trying to express through words. The words as a tool in poetry may seem ordinary when used in ordinary circumstance. Yet, these words can hold more emotion and thought, however brief it was presented.
What makes a good poetry? It is not only in the idea or thought of what the author is trying to express. What makes a good poetry beautiful is in how the writer makes use of the words, lines, and spaces and indents. The rhythm of the poem can make a significant impact in the expression of the idea. Even the structure of words can make a
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The speakers here are African Americans, based on the language that they used in the poem.
A lot of implications can be found in this very short poem of eight lines. The name of the of pool hall there these young men as the speakers in this poem congregate is specified as an epigraph of the poem. Seven not only specifies the number of these young men but it also signifies the number of luck, which is significant for them as pool players. The symbolism of the pool hall's name-"The Golden Shovel" is suggestive. "Golden" can imply the peak of their youth yet the word "Shovel" implies also of burial and death.
With three beats on each line with the use of only short words, a rhythm has been established. There is no need for inflection and a reader can choose to read the lines continuously, like a mantra which according to Hortense Spillers gives a character of "breathlessness" implying the young man as "hastening toward their death." The alliterative pattern in some words like "Lurk late," "Strike straight," and "Sing sin," can also say something of their mental growth.
The word length and the line length also express the nature of the speakers. Short words imply their lack of vocabulary and thus an education. We see the simple words on a simple poem

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