Essay on United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change

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The Least Developed Countries Group (LDC Group) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the
ADP Co-Chairs’ Non Paper on views and proposals on the elements for a draft negotiating text.
LDCs believe that the various views and proposals by Parties provide a useful way forward in our deliberations towards a new legal agreement to be concluded at COP 21 in Paris, 2015. Using the elements of these views the LDCs believe that the following elements should form the basis of the legal agreement to be concluded at COP 21. We have produced these elements in a form that could be readily transformed into the text of a legally binding agreement.
Paris Legally Binding Agreement
I. Preamble
 Being Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
 Recalling the provisions of the Convention
 Acknowledging the role of the Kyoto Protocol and the Doha Amendment
 Recalling the findings of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report
 Recalling decisions 1/CP.17. 1/CP.18 and 1/CP.19
 Recognizing that deep cuts in global emissions will be required to achieve the ultimate objective of the Convention and emphasizing the urgency to address climate change
II. Definitions:
(To be added once text complete)
III. Objective and Purpose
 The objective of the legal agreement is to establish a global approach to addressing climate change through enhancing action by all countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and to provide adequate support for vulnerable countries, particularly LDCs,…

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