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Gender and consumer behaviour

Consumer buying behaviour can be influence by various factor, which included several major factor that could influence their buying behaviour while in engaging in buying decision. Therefore, these factor could be vary tremendously in terms of income, age, personal taste, as well as gender. By understanding consumer buying behaviour it will allows marketers making further process while in creating an appropriate marketing strategy aim on their consumers. Furthermore, it can be a foundation for marketers to develop a sense of awareness on the criteria that influence consumer buying decision making. In this analysis, it is to study the differences between the genders at a various level of buying decision.
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Men are more concern on solving the problem efficiently and effectively but not how the problem is solved. On the other side, Women tend to be approach problem with compassionate and in various way of consideration. They are more into details and more concerned about the way on solving problem instead of solving the problem itself.

Same goes to buying behaviour in both of these gender, usually women took a longer times while on buying. It is because they are looking into every details of a certain product. For an instance, Fischer and Arnold, (1990), women are put more effort and spent more longer time in choosing Christmas present than men and they are more enjoy the process of shopping way more than men do. From this statement we can tell that, most of the time women are appear to be have more satisfactory and discover pleasure while in shopping, whereas men seems to be shown less interesting in shopping.
According to Mitchell and Walsh, (2004) claimed that, the wants of men and women on products are different which most likely affect their own way of liking product. Akturan, (2009:66), consumer behaviour are reflected by their expectations, which means that the want and needs of both masculinity and feminity are shown different. The differences on paradigm in buying behaviour of these two primary gender are now widely accepted by nowadays

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