Twelve Angry Men (Norms, Roles, Process) Essay

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· Respect elders (e.g., the laborer is the self-appointed enforcer of good manners)
· The jurors had come to value a case based on facts, not prejudice or stereotypes. Those who upheld this value (Juror 8 and the Juror 4) were respected and became leaders that were looked to for guidance. The jurors that maintained arguments based on stereotypes alienated themselves from the others.
· The decision has to be unanimous (hung jury was something nobody liked)
· No racial prejudices were tolerated (everybody turned their backs to juror 10 when he started saying that "he knew people of these kind very well")
The group initially started with a process of arriving at a decision by voting and there was a groupthink causing
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Cobb) Was the lone juror left at the end but still kept defying logic and kept bringing back old points (the woman had seen the boy murder his father) recognition seeker seeks personal honor in the group
Dominator attempts to manipulate the group and dominate others -- persecutor Juror 3

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