Tim Hirschi’s Social Control Theory in Crime and Punishment in Suburbia

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Tim Hirschi’s Social Control Theory in Crime and Punishment in Suburbia

Over the past few decades criminologists and sociologists have developed several theories in an effort to try and explain what causes some human beings to commit crimes. One of the most well-known theories that tries to explain why criminals commit crimes is called the social control or social bond theory developed by a theorist named Travis Hirschi. Hirschi also wanted to figure out why people don’t commit crimes instead of just figuring out why they do and he tried his best to answer those questions using his social control theory.The social control theory developed by Mr. Hirschi states that a person who has bonds with family, friends, the community, or
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This move is perfect to demonstrate the control theory or social bond theory as it is sometimes called, because it proves the validity of the social control theory. If Rosanne would have had some of the bonds talked about in the control theory than there is a good chance she wouldn’t have committed the crime. Travis Hirschi’s control theory is made up of four different types of bonds. The four different types of bonds are attachment, commitment, involvement, and belief. The first type of bond that Hirschi believes is necessary for an individual to have in their life is attachment. “Attachment refers to the level of psychological affection one has for prosocial others and institutions.” (Pratt, Gau, & Franklin, 2011, p. 58) Hirschi strongly recommends that an attachment bond be formed between a child and their parent (Pratt, Gau, & Franklin, 2011, p. 58). Hirschi believes that if a person has this type of bond in their life then they are not likely to commit crimes because they don’t want to disappoint their peers and loved ones. However, people who lack this kind of bond in their life are sometimes starving for attention and feel all alone like no one cares about them. They seem to think it is them versus the world. For example, in Crime and Punishment in Suburbia the main character Rosanne has no bonds of attachment with anyone but her boyfriend and that seemed to be more of a sexual relationship than anything. After her mother leaves her

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