Three Strikes Law Essay

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Today there is a growing awareness of repeat offenders among society in reference to crime. Starting around 1980 there was noticeable increase in crime rates in the U.S.. In many of these cases it was noted that these individuals were in fact repeat offenders. So, on March 7, 1994 California enacted the Three-Strikes and You're Out Law. This laws and other laws like it are currently being utilized today all around the Untied States. This law was first backed by victim's rights advocates in the state to target habitual offenders. The reason California holds the most importance on this law is due to the fact that it has the largest criminal justice system in America, and it has the most controversy surrounding this law in …show more content…
(Murphy, p.1) Then very threat of long sentences also deters crime.
When the Three Strikes law is fully implemented it should reduce felonies committed by adults between 22 and 32%. Police and court costs may be saved due to the fact that they will not have to deal with such offenders often, because they will be locked up. (, p.1)
A recent case that pertains to the positive attributes of this law comes out of Allentown Pennsylvania, April 9, 2005. Michael Leon Haley, Sr. will serve a mandatory 25 year sentence for committing 3 serious felonies. He committed 2 bank robberies, one in 1982, and one in 1987. Originally he got a -5 year sentence and a 2-5 year sentence. His third strike happened when he stabbed a woman in April 2004. He slashed her throat in a motel. In March a jury convicted Haley, 48 of attempted homicide, aggregated assault, recklessly endangering another person, and terroristic threats. He even got a theft conviction for stealing a woman's car after the incident. (Morning Call, pg. 1-2)
As of 2004 Ventura County California reported a 45% reduction on its crime due to the Three strikes law. Those against this law felt it was too cruel to the non-violent offenders. They wanted various propositions to the law, such as proposition 66, which frees "non-violent" criminals. Those in support of Three strikes feel the release of the criminals should never happen. An

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