Essay on Three Mile Island

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Three Mile Island in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, contained the most serious commercial nuclear accident in U.S. history. The events that followed taught the U.S. a lesson learned about nuclear power and the damage it can cause. The Three Mile accident paved the way for reforms in the way nuclear power plants were operated and regulated. the location of the island, the accident, the meltdown, the aftermath, and the media circus were all critical points in the lessons learned. The location of Three Mile Island is in the Susquehanna RIver, some ten miles southeast of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The station is located on eight hundred and fourteen acres on an island surrounded by farmland. The Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station …show more content…
The containment building and several other locations around the plant were contaminated. Officials were able to save the reactor from a complete meltdown by restoring enough coolant to the reactor core. As a result, the number two reactor was shutdown permanently and the first reactor was shutdown but resumed operation in 1985. The aftermath of the Three Mile Island accident was what made everything so intense. The accident showed people how groups of people under lots of stress, react and make decisions from under it. Many people think that the accident went so far because operators made incorrect decisions because of the large amounts of information that was given to the during the accident. The equipment that was used at the plant was also used at other power plants and were shutdown due to the accident. The cleanup for the accident took almost a decade because of the radiation that got out in the containment building where the reactor core was at. It took nearly six years before a power plant tried to get permission to build another nuclear plant or have another reactor put at one of the plants already built. The training that was given before was drastically changed because of the accident. They were now trained har on figuring out the emergency and had to go through a checklist to make sure the reactor core was getting cooled off enough. The Union of Concerned Scientists had wanted Three Mile Island as well as other nuclear

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