Theory Assignment on American History X Essay

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Theory Assignment on American History X
This movie tells the story of a young man, from Southern California, that is the product of several unfortunate incidents, and his misguided search trying to answer the question why his life is the way it is.
I. Daniel appeared to be dealing with the adolescent stage. Daniel seems to have developed his sense of self worth by mimicking his older brother. Daniels significant relationships, since his brothers incarceration has been derricks old friends (the skin head group). The scene in the principle's office shows that Daniel is trying to live up to what he believes are his older brother's ideals, which he believes are following in the foot steps of Nazis. Hate anyone that is not white and
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If the person an entire group of peopled look up to the most is out of control, then the other members of that group are probably going to emulate his actions. In the flash back scene when Derrick directs the carnage on the Korean's store, the realization that these people were operating on borrowed time was apparent. No group operates above the law without dealing with the consequences eventually.

Another population at risk is the immigrant workers. Whether they are legal or otherwise, a part of society perceives them as a threat. During the Korean store debacle, some of the skinheads were saying things about the illegal status of the store employees. The store owner was told not to hire illegal workers for cheap wages. The prejudices of "citizens" put all immigrants in a risk category. When Derrick tells the teacher, during the scene where Derrick kicks the teacher out of the house, that immigrants from Europe came to America without incident is a falsehood. Italians, Germans, Irish, and all other immigrants face the same situation of assimilation, or isolation. The established community sees any influx of new people as a threat to security of some type. Whether it is a threat to income, power, or land, the threat is perceived and dealt with by hostile means I many cases.

4. The reason a defense mechanism is necessary is to cope with unacceptable situations. In the scene where Derrick assaults his

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