The Women of Brewster Place Essay

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Who are the women of Brewster Place? Mattie, Ciel, Etta Mae, Kiswana, Cora Lee, Lorraine, and Theresa. Each of these women will tell their experience while living in Brewster Place, a big brownstone blocked by a brick wall on a dead end street.
Mattie is the mother figure in the apartment building. Mattie grew up in Tennessee , where she lived a sheltered life with her mother and over protective father. One day Mattie and Butch Fuller, a man her father despised, went to pick sugar cane. Butch seduces Mattie with his sweet charm and good looks. Mattie becomes pregnant with Butch’s child. She leaves Tennessee to escape her father and ends up in New York where she meets Ms. Eva and her granddaughter Ciel. Ms. Eva gives Mattie and her son
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Shortly afterward, Ms. Sophie, the nosy neighbor, starts spreading rumors about the two. Lorraine is overly concerned with the way people treat and judge her for her sexuality. She is rejected after trying to fit in at Brewster Place. She eventually confides in Ben, the handyman and drunk, whom she looks at as a father figure. Theresa is strong willed and doesn’t care what anyone says about her. One night after an argument with Theresa, Lorraine decides to go visit Ben. As she is walking through the alley to Ben’s, she is beaten unconsciously and raped. She wakes up distraught and traumatized to a man trying to calm her down, who was Ben. She was so delirious she picked up a brick and beat Ben to death beside the brick wall. Leaving her no choice Theresa leaves Brewster Place.
The setting period was in New York during the 1980’s. Gloria Naylor was born January 25, 1950 to Alberta McAlpin and Roosevelt Naylor. Her parents had been sharecroppers in Robinsonville, MS. Her parents moved to New York in 1949 so that their children would have a better life than they did. Gloria shared her mother’s love of reading and libraries. Naylor’s mother was a Jehovah’s witness and in 1968 after graduated high school Gloria postponed going to college to join Jehovah’s witness. For seven years she was a Jehovah’s witness. She eventually left the Jehovah’s witness because things weren’t getting better but worse. Naylor received a

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