The Windy City Theater Case Essay

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The Windy City Theater case was a scenario where a problem needed to be solved and the people responsible had varying views and ulterior motives. Our group was the only one out of four that chose to not move forward with a Matinee, and afterward, we all looked at each other and wondered if we had failed. The Advertising and Operations managers refused to accept us moving forward, due to logistics and time. After determining there would be a $20k profit, we were moving towards an alliance of the Finance Mgr., Marketing Mgr., and Me against the Ops and Advertising Mgr. Rich Ross played his part so well that it felt like we were bulldozing him, the Advertising Mgr. and K, the Operations Mgr., and we really were forcing them to accept our terms. They stopped talking to us, didn’t look us in the eyes, and looked frustrated. We asked if there were any incentives that would change their mind. They both said no. We said surely the profits from the Matinee could assist with the advertising budget and the extra people needed to support the event. They both said no again. It didn’t feel right that 3 out of the 5 of us wanted to move forward. How were we supposed to do this in 8 weeks? We concluded that because of the lack of consensus and 8 week timeframe, we all couldn’t be absolutely confident that the Matinee would even work. We reminded ourselves that this had not been done before. We realized that the sum of the whole was greater than the sum of all the parts. The risk became…

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