The Victims Of Abortion : Pro Choice Essay

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The Victims of Abortion “Pro-Choice.” What does that mean? Many believe abortion should be chosen by the mother, giving her a choice… her right. Her right to what? Her right to be able to kill an innocent human being. Abortion is never a “mere personal choice but a grave offense against God and His creation” (“TFP Student Action”). The right of abortion is never a right, it is a very sad decision that no women should ever make. Abortion is the unnoticed war. Abortion has killed 56 million American lives in the last 41 years. “This scourge is as horrible as anything terrorists can fathom, because it strikes at the very core of humanity and our country: the family. By destroying the most basic human bond of all—that between mother and child—abortion dissolves the precious glue that binds our nation together” (“TFP Student Action”). While the child is the first victim of abortion, there is another victim as well. Another person is hurt physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually… the mother. She is as vulnerable as the child. Although many do not consider it, abortion is never just done and forgotten about. There are serious complications and side effects to the mother after an abortion. The unborn child has been murdered without any legal resistance. The doctor has just killed an innocent human being. And the mother is left without any concern. The mother has now a profusion of horrible thoughts, emotions, and physical affects. The mothers are left…

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