The Use of the N Word Essay

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The word "nigger" has become a popular saying amongst our current population. The word appears to be used more each day by an assorted group of people. I've conducted a research in order to gather a better understanding as of to why the word "nigger" is so commonly used. I've collected responses from my fellow class mates and read a book called nigger to acquire addition information about the different opinions brought on by its usage. In these responses were patterns that helped me to get better acquainted with this idea. Most writes provided me with the same answer, that the reason why people call each other "nigger" is because it is used in a positive way. With this information given, the next question that came to mind was is it …show more content…
When an "old African American man got offended and told me to please stop using the word because it made him reminisce about his old youth and how he was discriminated against." Age does make a difference when the word "nigger is being used. It is taken more seriously by elderly people, and means more than just a greeting or a gesture. The power of the word brings pain when it is used in the presence of curtain individuals. Unsurprisingly, there are still a number of people who disagree with the usage of the word "nigger". Even though it is clear that in most cases, it is not used in a discriminating manner, there are still people who disagree with its usage by other races completely. In Data Collection 2, one writer responded by saying "as time passed by, African American people that hung out together used this word as a greeting or a form of a way to say hi to their fellow people unfortunately, people from other races whether it is a white American or Hispanic American have used this term the same way as a part of their everyday life." This is true, and the narrator is obviously disgusted by the thought of a person of another race using the word "nigger" regardless of their intentions. To some people, other races have not earned the right to use the word "nigger". "Nigger" was a hideous reference to all the African American people. The word "nigger" Was created to

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