The Ugly Truth Behind Victoria 's Secret Advertisements Essay

1412 Words Mar 15th, 2016 6 Pages
The Ugly Truth Behind Victoria’s Secret Advertisements Victoria’s Secret is a well-known fashion brand for women across the nation. Although they primarily sell clothing and lingerie, they’re actually selling something much more complex. They’re selling what they want their female audience to believe is the ultimate feminine image. They define felinity in many ways. They strive to convey their female customers that they should live a rich lifestyle. By doing so, they convince their customers that they are buying an ideal lifestyle rather than just the product itself. Twitchell author of “But First, a word from our Sponsor” states, “What is clear is that most things in and of themselves simply do not mean enough. In fact, what we crave may not be objects at all but their meaning,” (Twitchell 472). Rather than just selling a bikini, in this ad, they’re trying to convince their audience that they’re also buying Victoria’s Secret’s ideal feminine image for just the price on the tag. They have their customers convinced that when they buy particular products they’re also buying the high end lifestyle of the female model that is portrayed in the advertisement. Victoria’s Secret is clearly using certain elements in their ads to make women believe they’re buying the ideal feminine image and lifestlye rather than the actual product. Victoria’s Secret uses many techniques in order to convince women that buying their products they are also buying Victoria’s Secret’s ultimate female…

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