The School Of Education And Allied Professions Essays

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In 2011 the College of Education and Allied Professions welcomed the first fifteen member cohort of Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows (WWTF) to the University of Dayton. In collaboration with the Department of Teacher Education, Dr. Tom Lasley offered these remarks, “Dayton Public Schools are in crisis and the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows will learn the skills necessary to facilitate a change in direction.” Superintendent of Dayton Public Schools (DPS), Lori Ward, endorsed the WWTF program and provided Fellows opportunities to complete student teaching requirements in select Dayton Public Schools. Within the Department of Teacher Education professors and support staff approved the concept of the WWTF program, but struggled with implementation. As program director, Dr. Lasley utilized the symbolic and political frames to foster support during the program’s first year.
Dr. Lasley relied on relationships developed during his tenure as former dean of the College of Education and Allied Professions to garner support for program implementation. Bowman and Deal (2013) describe reputation as a source of power. Reputation builds on expertise (Bowman & Deal, 2013). As dean, Dr. Lasley’s network extended beyond the College of Education and Allied Professions. His reputation afforded access to key internal and external stakeholders. The Provost supported University involvement with the Woodrow Wilson Foundation (WWF) and petitioned the office of Graduate Education on behalf of the…

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