Essay on The Sacred Balance

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Everyday in the media, society is confronted with the attitude that we are inevitably heading for a global environmental catastrophe that will destroy mankind. Constantly scaring society as a means to create awareness for the environment has created ‘doom fatigue'. The threat of doom for humankind is used so often, that it has become a cliché that many dismiss simply as a shallow warning. In his book The Sacred Balance, David Suzuki has attempted to overcome the ‘doom fatigue' so his ideas of conservation and environmental management do not become the monotonous endeavours of intimidation that many environmentalists employ. The extensive use of diagrams, quotes, anecdotes and statistics are utilised to create a holistic portrayal of our …show more content…
It also illustrates how our body removes oxygen from the air and into our bloodstream. This image is very informative and strengthens one of Suzuki's arguments, that mankind has lost its connection with nature. However, with a large portion of the chapter revealing how we are polluting the atmosphere, the diagram also exhibits how easily chemicals found in the air can travel into our bodies and harm us. In the third chapter "The Oceans Flowing Through Our Veins" there are three diagrams that show the special bonding properties of water molecules. These are used to support Suzuki's proposition that water is sacred and because of its special characteristics we are able to live. Similar to the other diagrams used, it also has a detrimental effect to Suzuki's effort to surmount the ‘doom fatigue'. Water is described as a ‘universal solvent' and the diagrams demonstrate how water readily dissolves salts that are essential for life. Water being a polar solvent also allows it to dissolve other polar molecules such as bromodichloromethane , carbon tetrachloride and toluene . It highlights how ‘ignorance is bliss' and with the knowledge that water readily dissolves toxic chemicals, I am more inclined to believe that it will become difficult for our society to prevent the environmental disasters that will supposedly occur in the future.

Small anecdotes placed

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