The Role Of Organizational Engagement From Job Satisfaction For Nurses Within Czech

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Intervention: Organizational Engagement The implications of organizational engagement from job satisfaction for nurses within Czech is, “related to the value-fit with the organization” (Zuzana & Krupkova, 2013, p. 1). The idea is job satisfaction among nurses in Czech is based on their fit within the hospital’s broader organization as well as within the department. “Our concept of organizational engagement (OE) is concerned more with the employees’ involvement in organizational goals than with their psychological state of mind.” (Zuzana & Krupkova, 2013, p 1) The psychological state of mind of the nurse is important here because the study chose to focus on the employees’ involvement in organizational goals. The employees’ level of organizational engagement is measured by the employees’ level of involvement with meeting organizational goals rather than focusing on the employees’ psychological state and its impact on job performance. Organizational engagement should enable nurse autonomy, which is “expressed by feeling of control over their job activities, has a very strong relationship with OE (0.418, p < 0.01)” (Zuzana & Krupkova, 2013, p 1). The nurses’ professional role (PRF) is related to the nurses’ fit with the organization but the regression model “did not prove that PRF is significantly contributing to the value-fit between nurse and the organization” (Zuzana & Krupkova, 2013, p. 1). The value-fit between nurses and the hospital can be linked to the possible…

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