The Role Of Motivation And Performance Motivation Essay

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1. Define motivation. What is the basic model for considering the role of motivation in performance? (hint: looks like a mathematical formula) Then, summarize how personality factors have become more important in the study of motivation. Include specific personality traits that have been studied and how they link to motivation.
--Motivation concerns the conditions responsible for variations in intensity, persistence, quality, and direction of ongoing behavior. Performance= (motivation X ability) - situational constraints. Two personality traits that have been studied in regards to motivation are neuroticism and conscientiousness. Strong and consistent relationships have been shown between motivation and personality and it has been found that personality traits factor into the motivation levels and performance levels of workers. Neuroticism is negatively related to performance motivation while conscientiousness is positively related to performance motivation.
2. Motivational theories have evolved over time. Briefly describe “person-as-machine” theories and then “person-as-intentional” approaches. Read the section called “common themes in modern approaches” then watch the video on motivation in D2L. Summarize Dan Pink’s position on motivation. What is your reaction?
--The person as machine theory is a metaphor that suggests that people’s behaviors and actions are reflexive and involuntary and are performed without conscious awareness. Person as intentional approach is a…

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