The Review of Forrest Gump Movie Essays

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Forrest Gump, directed by Robert Zemeckis is a six Academy Awards winner (1995) love-or-hate story of a journey through life of a simple man. Gump (Tom Hanks), continually finds himself in the middle of important events from the late 50's through the 70's including a meeting with Elvis Presley, JFK and Richard Nixon. Without effort of his own he is a witness of almost all major historical moments in the United Stated, however he takes part in them without understanding what he does and sees. It is worth noticing that Gump is not an ordinary character. He is a young Alabaman of slight intelligence who lives by the rules that was drilled into him by his mama (Sally Field). Even though Forrest has an IQ of only 75 and his early life was …show more content…
Quotes like "run Forrest, run" or the one comparing life to a chocolate box are operates on their own and were naturalize into contemporary language.
To put things straight, not everyone will appreciate this movie. For some, this will be a celebration of life, a sweet and charming way to remind us of what life is really about: happiness of simple, little things. For others, watching how American history is rewritten and shown through pink glasses, could be repelling. It is pretty obvious that Forrest character stands for an attitude of a person that always follows the rules, obeys parents and authorities and gets rewarded for that in the form of business success and family happiness. People who try to rebel and be smarter than the average masses are those who are going to be punished with violence, drugs, AIDS - as Jenny.
Forrest Gump is nice movie of unreal character living in unreal world. Despite many of its weakness and naivety it's a kind of movie, people like to watch and return to after a while. Because at the end who wouldn't like to sit next to Forrest on his bench and just for a moment be a part of a better world, a world seen through the eyes of Forrest

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