The Requirements Of A Purchasing Decision Essay

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The Specification stage is the next step that the author offers. Basically, at this stage the salesperson needs to be specific and about the actual service or product he or she is offering. Providing the customer with details about what it does, how it can help meet his or her needs, and at what cost. Additionally, the seller should ask the buyer what are the specifications of the product that he or she is wanting to purchase. Also, at this stage, the salesperson needs to somehow measure the benefits of the product or service offer to give the customer an idea of the potential results he or she would expect after the purchase. Then, at this point, the seller needs to make sure to gain commitment from the consumer about the specifications already mentioned. This could be done by asking the buyer to confirm that the specifications are the main criteria that will be used when making a purchasing decision. This can be linked to what was covered in class in reference to measuring the requirements that the buyer is looking for by asking questions. In addition, gaining prospect’s agreement about needs and specifications was also covered and it was reinforced by providing details about trial closing techniques. After completing the previous stage with the prospect, it is time for the salesperson to show the prospect how the product or service offered will solve their issues or problems overall. This is escribed by the author of the book as the Solution stage. It is very similar to…

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