Essay on The Philosophical Ultrasound Of Abortion

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Philosophical Ultrasound of Abortion
Abortion is an ancient practice. In ancient Greek and Latin societies, abortion was commonly practiced by doctors, especially in the case of extra-marital pregnancies . In Greece it was used to regulate the size of the population and maintain stable economic and social conditions . We lack statistics from the time to know how frequent abortion in these ancient empires was, or data that could help us study the progression on abortion practices over time and over different countries. However, we have testimonies of some texts from diverse authors that indicate a widespread familiarity with the practice and their various philosophical thoughts, views, and theories towards it.
In general, legislations from ancient types of government did not punish the act of abortion. In old Greek societies it was thought that the fetus did not have a soul. Plato said that human life started at the moment of birth. The platonic school in general, supported this idea, negating that the fetus possessed a soul while still inside the womb. Therefore the soul is associated with the body at the moment of birth.
Plato emphasized his support for the birth of healthy children. Plato said in his work The Republic that abortion should be prescribed in cases of incest or recommended to pregnant women over the age of 40 or whose partner was older than 50. His idea to promote abortion comes from the notion that women are more likely to carry healthy babies if they are…

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