The Mythological Theory Of Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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Mythological Theory
Fahrenheit 451 is about a firefighter named Guy Montag who wants to escape from the dystopian society that has taken over. His quest takes place in the future where everything is fireproof. This means firefighters’ jobs have dramatically changed from what they had traditionally been tasked to do. Instead of putting fires out, they now destroy books using fire. In this journey we witness Montag realize the wrong he is doing to his fellow people and how he tries to make a difference. With the help of a friend he is eventually able to escape from the dystopian society that controls his world and watch as it is destroyed (Bradbury.) Throughout this adventure the reader is shown how the mythological theory holds true due to the characters’ roles, images throughout the story, and the situations faced.
In the mythological theory Characters play one of the three major roles. There are specific archetypal characters. Within Fahrenheit 451, many of these archetypal characters appear. Throughout this text there is a Hero, Scapegoat, Loner, Villain, Temptress and Sage. These characters in the story are very important because of how they progress the plot and enhance the story.
A hero would be someone who risks their own wellbeing for the greater good (Jung.) Guy Montag would be described as the Hero in mythological theory. This is due to the tribulations he overcame for the greater good of his society. Throughout his quest he perseveres through many different…

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