The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Essay

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The Marriage of Heaven & Hell
William Blake
The Romantic Period

We, as members of the human race, have been endowed with five senses. We have the ability to reason and to be reasonable. We are able to present, receive, and mentally process information logically. The period in history when the importance of these innate functions was stressed is known as the "Age of Reason," or the Enlightenment. Also important to this age was the use of science, scientific methods, and theories. This period in history lasted until roughly 1774. The Romantic Period followed period of Enlightenment. This age was the exact opposite of the Enlightenment. Tremendous importance was placed on the imagination. The authors, poets, and artists of
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I must make mention of what is, to me, the most obvious of motifs in this poem: imagination. Obviously, some of the events in this poem cannot be taken literally. In order to be able to read and understand any of Blake's poems, one must have a vivid and keen imagination. That would be the only way that anyone could understand the opining line in Plate 15, " I was in a Printing house in hell. . ." We know that Blake did not literally sit down and dine with Isaiah and Ezekiel. Of course, in his (Blake's) mind, he really did. This is one of the largest and most important ideas of the romantic period. The use of the mind and imagination, especially as apposed to reason, is how understanding was to come about. Following this idea is how something is known to exist – through the imagination. Some of the other ideas of the romantic period that were illustrated in Blake's poem include the idea of the hero and the anti-hero, revolutionized subject matter, the occult/supernatural, and the idea of antiauthoritarianism. These ideas, coupled with the aforementioned examples, clearly support the fact that The Marriage of Heaven & Hell is a definite illustration of the poetry or literature of the romantic period and that Blake is a bleeding romantic. His works are dripping with emotion, the gothic, the occult and the cult of genius. Almost every line of this poem, if properly analyzed, holds some idea of romanticism. I want to briefly note that the

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