The Issue Of Legalized Abortion Essay

1081 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
Since well before the landmark decision of legalized abortion, Americans had pounder the questions surrounding the abortions arguments. Roe vs. Wade passed in the Supreme Court in the year 1973 legalizing abortion for women across America and protecting their abortions under the Fourteenth Amendment (McBride). Ever since the bill was passed, nearly 59,000,000 legal abortions have taken place in United States (Numbers of Abortions). This issues has become a national phenomenon. Not only does this issue effect women, but it has a tremendous impact upon the medical community. A nurse can face abortion in her daily routine depending on her specialty. For many years, nurses based their moral opinion of abortion on religious worldview; however, the introduction of new technology changed the way Americans saw abortion. In the mid-1950’s, the medical community embraced the use of ultrasounds, a high frequency image produced by sounds waves (Lewis). Ultrasounds provided a view of the baby that had could have been imaged by any doctor or mother. This revolutionary technology debunked claims made by the abortionist by provided views of the growing baby. Ultrasounds progression has brought about a national shift towards the pro-life movement. Some of the biggest impact ultrasounds have made would be in the arguments of whether or not abortions is murder, the legality of the practice, and the effects it has millennials. To understand the impact ultrasounds have made, this paper will…

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