Essay on The Issue Of Abortion And Abortion

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Five minutes pass. Ten, twenty, finally thirty painful minutes have passed. You pick up the white testing stick. You look at the sign. It reads: “+.” Your heart drops. It was not your choice. You never chose to make new life, no, it was forced upon you when he forced you to make “love.” You are shaken, but it will be okay because you can receive an abortion. You drive to the clinic. You are denied an abortion. Why? They say you have a person inside of you. You explain that you were raped, that this was not your choice. You can already feel the unintentional pain bearing this child would bear. But it is not the clinic’s choice. It is the law. This could be the reality for all women in Tennessee, and any other state that passes fetal personhood laws. These laws dictate that a fetus is a person from the moment of conception (Star Tribune), not at birth. Under these laws, it would be near impossible for women to undergo an abortion, even in extreme cases such as rape, incest, or for health reasons. Not only that, but women with substance addictions who become pregnant could begin to be charged with homicide or child abuse if they become pregnant and are unable to receive an abortion (Human Life Review). A law that declares fetuses as human would strip women of any rights related to the pregnancy process. An article published in Harvard’s Bill of Health concisely shut down the fetal personhood law. The author David Orentlicher made the point that mothers are not required by law…

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