The Image of Nursing Essay

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Nursing is basically a scientific profession with a widespread vision, where nurses care for the physical needs of the people at the same time satisfies their emotional, psychological, and intellectual as well as social and spiritual demands. These Nurses though get professional training but apart from professional training and experiences, a good nurse possess high humanistic quality and has in depth understanding of not only the psychology of her/his patients but also proves to be very soft and patience when her/his patients behave in some rude, unethical and humiliating manner.

On the other hand, they also devote special love and care to the patients at the same time, ignoring the unpleasant situations and circumstances when the
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They are also adding disrespect to the profession of nursing by promoting the idea that women nurses have strong backs and weak minds. (Kalisch, Art. 9, 1996) Moreover, the print media is also focusing on the profession of nurses in a negative manner by projecting stories about nurses that is humiliating their prestigious profession. For instance, it is projected that usually nurses develop a flirty relation with men doctors to seduce them and play footsie with the intention to emotionally involve them to finally marry with, (Fagin, Maraldo and Mason, Nov. 18,2004) which is to some extent true but not done by all nurses and doctors. Similarly one cannot blame only nurses for this behavior as seducing for sexual pleasure and men or women, doctors or nurses can do flirting to drag emotionally for marriage. So one cannot stigmatize only women nurses for such behavior. But the media is projecting this image in such a weird manner that makes it humiliating and disrespecting, as this is the personal behavior of an individual that varies from person to person.
Another instance regarding the doctor and nurse images projected by media is the dress code of nurses, as media is promoting the image that women dressed in nursing uniforms over all produce an erotic picture towards not only the doctors but also to the men nurses and patients as well. (Fagin, Maraldo and Mason, Nov. 19,2004) However, the

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