The I Have Never Truly Thought About Death Essay

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As a teenager I often forget how to measure time, aside from having time management problems; I don’t ever think about the concept of time in its actuality. I feel as if I am not a slave to time but instead that time runs at my hand. It is easy to get lost in the quick paced world we inhabit and remain in the fast lane to the point where we feel invincible, almost immortal. I have never truly thought about death. Truth be told I do not think that very many people in our time ponder death or question when the end of their lives will come. This is especially true for the millennial generation; death always seems to be something bad that happens to others but never to one’s own personal circle. The Bucket List seems to prove that death comes at the most unexpected moments and that the life we are living is the only one, the only chance we have to do, to experience, to grow, to live in the moment and live as we want so that when the end does come we may have no regrets but know who we were, what we stood for, and what we leave behind. In this film review, I will apply communication principles and concepts from chapters: 3: Verbal Communication, 4: Nonverbal Communication and 7: Developing and Maintaining relationships to interpret and identify the characters communication skills.

In The Bucket List in scenes “I can’t do this” Edward Cole has convinced Carter to go through with the bucket list and tackle skydiving out of an airplane. Edward seems to be an adrenaline junkie…

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