The Generation And Generation X Essay

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Times have changed throughout the years, we now live in an era of technology and because of that the world is face paced. Those born between 1980-2000 are known as millennials and those born between 1966-1979 are known as generation x. They are many differences between these two for example their home life. Millennials were mostly raised in a divorced household while generation x was raised in a dual income family. Technology made a big impact on millennials, now everything or anyone can be contacted online through email, text, or a phone call. These generations grew up in a different environment from each other and because of that their point of view of family and marriage differ from each other. I will be interviewing both my cousins a millennial and a generation x in regarding hooking up, cohabitation and marriage to see how their point of view differs from each other.
Yesenia Sanchez is in her first semester of college she just turned nineteen and is single. She lives at home with her mom and has a one year old name Ian. She is in school to pursue a career as a registered nurse. Working full time as a CNA, going to school and being a single mom makes it hard to have any extra time for dating. I am going to ask her three questions regarding marriage and family to see how millennials differ from generation x

Maria Martinez is thirty-eight she is married to Jerry Martinez they have two boys Jonathan age five years and Andres who is six month. She rents an apartment…

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