Essay The Fleet Leadership Development Program

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1. Ensure that full assessments are conducted on all current members of the fleet department’s leadership team to determine their strengths and weakness.
2. Ensure that the fleet leadership development program contain leadership specific formal and non-formal training. Create self-driven individual leadership development plans with the help of supervisors or mentors.
3. The program will guarantee that all of the fleet department’s current leadership members are transformed into servant leaders who are devoted to the success of the company as well as the individuals who work for the company.
4. Evaluate the program to determine if changes may be needed to increase its effectiveness. Entergy is an extraordinary organization that focuses on powering life for not only its employees and communities that it operates in, but also for their investors. The key objective of this program is to embrace Entergy’s founding values and expand on them to creating a fleet leadership team that Entergy can be proud to call its own. Entergy will benefit from this program because leaders will be focused on embracing change and improving circumstances, that will eventually led to an increase in productivity.
Literature Review
Winston (2016) describes the components needed to be a Christian leader and the 4 C’s that are required. The 4 C’s are calling, competence, confidence, and character. A leader’s calling is doing what God wants you to do. “I can do nothing on my own…

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