The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team Essay

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When one works with a team, you should assume that not everything will go as according to plan. Whether it is a lack of trust, a lack of commitment, or a lack of responsibility, you must always anticipate a possible conflict in your group. In this book “The five dysfunctions of a team,” written by Patrick Lancing, we will learn five major dysfunctions of a team. These dysfunctions are the absence of trust, avoiding accountability, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, and inattention to results.
Absence of Trust
Trust is important to the well-being of a team. You need to be able to trust your coworkers with their part of the job. The trust required to make a great team is the kind of trust that makes you vulnerable to one another and makes you comfortable in the fact that your vulnerabilities can be used against you. Vulnerabilities include weaknesses, lack of skills, personal shortcomings, and mistakes.
Unfortunately, this form of trust can’t be gained overnight. It requires in-depth understanding of your team members, credibility, and trust built over time through experience. However, there are methods that we can use to accelerate this process. To start, we can go over what contributions that each of their peers make such as where they contribute the best and where they contribute the least. Of course, this approach focuses on constructive criticism, so we can’t get carried away.

Another exercise that we could use is the team meeting exercise. At…

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