The Fight For Justice By Harper Lee Essay

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Square up for Justice
The fight for justice is present in both To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and A Time to Kill. Both lawyers must fight in the court of law, in a case that is near impossible to win since the defendants are black and the all white jury have racial prejudices against them. The protagonists in To Kill a Mockingbird and A Time to Kill both put in there utmost effort to fight for justice. Firstly, this theme is seen through the commitment both protagonists have for the case even in their toughest times. Secondly, due to the violent acts in the town against the case, Atticus and Jake must protect their families against the angry people and ignore the threats directed towards them in effort to stand up for what is right. Lastly, they bring attention to the racial prejudices the jury and townspeople have.

Jake Brigance demonstrates that in times of suffering you can help others and still remain committed to a cause. Jake exhibits a tremendous amount of commitment towards winning the case for Carl Lee Hailey, although he suffers from many challenges, mentally and physically. He is told countless times to quit and give up on the case. At one point in the movie, other lawyers try to take over Carl Lee`s case but he denies their request (A Time). By not giving the case up and taking it into his own hands, Jake demonstrates the commitment he carries and that even a young lawyer like him can fight for justice when enough dedication and work is put into it.…

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